Coffee Bar Chat Vol 5

Welcome to the Coffee Bar Chat Vol 4, If you were not here for the first you can check it out here.

It’s no secret that I love good coffee, so I’ve decided to start a bi-weekly Coffee Bar series. The coffee bar is a place to chat about life, inspiration, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This bar is a no-judgment zone.

I’m sipping on a Yeti cup of Bones Coffee Co with the taste of salted caramel lightest roasted coffee with notes of salted caramel, with half and half added along with 3 tablespoons of light agave. The things dreams are made of. I love grinding the beans at night, which makes me happy at 5am in the morning. 

I’ve been absent lately. Trying to juggle home life, 3 blogs, 3 Instagram,s, 3 Twitttrs, and a puppy – who knew would be too much?? Although this is a food blog I’m coming up with more ideas rather than just recipes because I haven’t had time to bake anything lately, which makes me sad. I love baking, it relaxes me from all the chaos flying around in my world.

I must admit I do have a new addiction – Erickson got me hooked on these Body Armour’s, they contain coconut water and fruit flavors, and there is a ton to choose from but my favorite is the Fruit Punch and the Tropical Punch. It’s a must-try. Believe me, I would not steer you wrong, except that one time. Hehe.

I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books lately. Erickson told me I was like an emotional roller coaster, which I agree with but my doctors and I are also trying to fix my med combination. I think we’ve finally got it figure out though. So no more ups and downs for myself or him. A ton of stuff happened last year – I was in 2 car wrecks (both couldn’ve killed me), I found out I had cervical cancer so I had to have a hysterectomy, and a part of my house caught on fire so I stayed with my aunt for 6 months while they repaired the damage, and I lost my cat in the fire. I also lost my license for 6 months for the first wreck (I blacked out both times) I got a job I loved as an Estimator at a body shop and that lasted 3 weeks because I had another blackout spell. So I drove 3 weeks in 2022.

I need a break from it all, I was laying in the hammock crying a few days ago because it’s all starting to get to me. Although I moved back into my house I feel like my freedom is gone and nowhere to be found. I have to suck it up this is life. I keep pushing everything down my psychiatrist said if I wasn’t handling it so well she’d hospitalize me for a week. I’m trying not to worry about it all but haven’t to find someone to take me places oh and did I mention I can’t work because I’m a medical risk? Yeah, there’s that…

On a solid note so I don’t end it all sad and emotional…

Yamper & I have been doing more walks and he’s loving it. He goes to sleep when we get back. He lays on his blankie of course – the one that he’s had since he was a puppy (8-week-old puppy) and yes, he’s more photogenic than I.

I think that’s it for the 2 weeks. I’ll see you guys next time on the next coffee chat! Don’t forget to tell me what your drinking this orning or afternoon.

I did find a cool Cannon camera on Facebook Market Place (where we have a love-hate relationship), what is so cool about it is that it takes 35mm film! The camera is like a DSLR camera but uses film. I can’t wait to play with it. I’ll still use my phone for important pictures the 35mm will just be used for standing images and landscape things like that. I have a 2 terabyte storage I have to fill up. It’s got all of my video’s, pictures, important documents and still only has a blue line about – yay big.

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  1. It sounds like you have been quite busy (especially with a new puppy); I like the sound of the self-help books and I think I could get into reading some. Thanks for this!

  2. Lauren

    It sounds like a busy time. I think your suggestions are a good idea! You don’t want to burn out and then can’t do anything. Make time for yourself. Thank you for sharing.


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