Coffee Bar Chat Vol 4

Welcome to the Coffee Bar Chat Vol 4, If you were not here for the first you can check it out here.

It’s no secret that I love good coffee, so I’ve decided to start a bi-weekly Coffee Bar series. The coffee bar is a place to chat about life, inspiration, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This bar is a no-judgment zone.

I’m sipping on a Yeti cup of Bones Coffee Co with the taste of salted caramel lightest roasted coffee with notes of salted caramel, with half and half added along with 3 tablespoons of light agave. The things dreams are made of. I love grinding the beans at night, which makes me happy at 5am in the morning. 

I had a reset that was much needed after I got a little burned out trying to juggle 3 blogs. Now I’ve got a strategy though. I’ve put them in the planner, which is sacred to my routine. I create everything in my Google Drive to help keep everything together. Be looking for new posts every Tuesday!

I’ve been finding myself on YouTube for anything I may be able to help with traffic and monetizing. There are so many rules! I’ll get it figured out, maybe in a month or two when I get my page views up for all 3.

I haven’t been on my laptop or IPad for about a week. I’ve been MIA for the last week 1/2 to refresh, did you miss me? Doubt it hah.

I’ve got a stress test on the 26th to try and figure out why I passed out twice while driving but the test didn’t show anything. I lost my license for 6 months of the wreck in February and in September I drove for 3 weeks then passed out and totaled another SUV. I think if it happens a 3rd time I’ll lose my license forever. 

Wrecked SUV

I’m emotionally, psychically, and mentally checking out lately. Right now my psychiatrist switched up my meds to help with the anxiety and still triggers from the wreck and night terrors.

Erickson & I went to the mountains along with a few other friends. We had a great time and it was nice and relaxing. I didn’t take any photos of the trip because I barely had my phone in my hand. We ate at a really yummy place called Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, I got the “Super Spud” which was a baked potato loaded with pulled pork, mac & cheese, sour cream, cheese, and red onions. This thing was huge and definitely filling. If you ever find yourself in Asheville NC I highly recommend Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, Duck’s Taco, Packer’s Tavern, and the pinball museum.

There were slate steps to the hot tub which got really slippery when they got wet (of course) but I didn’t take that into consideration while coming down the steps in the dark. So I fell on my butt, I bruised my ass crack, who can do that?! The entire left side of my butt and half of my thigh is black and blue. I’m still a little sore today.

What are you drinking and up to this week?

3 responses to “Coffee Bar Chat Vol 4”

  1. Charity

    Oh I am so sorry! Being in a wreck is absolutely terrible and definitely hard to get over. Thoughts and prayers to you during this hard time!

  2. Meds are often at the root of those symptoms. I’d investigate some self-care time, investigate diet etc.

    I like your coffee shop chats!

  3. I hope you feel better soon and they figure out why you keep passing out. I am glad you were not severely hurt from those accident’s.

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